The subject line of incoming e-mail messages are {Disarmed}, {Spam?}, or {Probable Spam}. What does this mean?

You may receive e-mail messages with the subject line edited to say {Disarmed} or {Spam?} or {Probable Spam}. Our server uses software called Mailscanner to help filter out spam/unsolicited e-mail messages for all of our customers. Here is what each subject tag means:

{Disarmed}: Mailscanner disabled the HTML URL in the e-mail message to prevent phishing attacks. Be careful clicking on the links in these e-mail messages.

{Spam?}: Mailscanner thinks the e-mail message is spam. However it is best to open the e-mail message and be sure that it is not spam. You can use your own filters in your e-mail client to filter messages with this subject tag if you wish, but we recommend that you do not delete the messages without first viewing them.

{Probable Spam}:  Mailscanner has a high degree of confidence that the e-mail message is spam. These are generally safe to delete without opening.

Mailscanner is configurable per customer. Click here to read a knowledgebase article on how to edit Mailscanner to your liking.

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