Paypal payment changes.

Paypal has made some changes with the billing system that we use. Recurring Paypal payments might not be linked any longer to your 207 Hosts account. We recommend canceling those recurring payments and set them back up again once you receive your next 207 Hosts invoice.


19th Mar 2024
[INFO] Further improvements made to customer portal emails.

We've made further improvements to ensure proper email delivery of any emails generated from the customer portal. This could be account password reset emails, invoices, payments, and support tickets. Please let us know if you do not receive emails as you normally should so we can check the system logs for issues.

9th Feb 2024
Updated: .NET domain name fees effective 1/31/2024

The parent registrar for .NET domain names have updated their fees as of 1/31/2024.

.NET Domain name registration and renewals are now $15.95 per year. Restoration fee is now $68.00.

31st Jan 2024
[RESOLVED] Invoice emails, renewal notices, support tickets, and other billing emails not being sent to 207 Hosts customers

We ran into an issue last year while migrating our 207 Hosts email systems to Microsoft 365 that caused invoice emails, renewal notices, support tickets, and other billing emails to not be sent to 207 Hosts customers. We worked with our billing system vendor and have now resolved the issue. We are waiving any late fees, and we've manually reached ... Read More »

24th Jan 2024
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