My website is loading with a blank page. What do I do?

If your website is loading to a blank page, this typically is a symptom of a database connection error or a malfunctioning plugin. Questions to ask yourself:
  1. Have any website updates been performed prior to the issue with the website loading to a blank page?
  2. Have any website plugins been updated prior to the issue with the website loading to a blank page?
  3. Has the MySQL database username or password been changed? Or has the database been edited or deleted?
Here are some tips on how to track down the issue.

1. Take a look at the website error logs. You can view them by logging into your cPanel account, then clicking on Errors under Metrics.

2. You can also look at the Apache error_log created under the directory for the website. Log into your cPanel account, then go to File Manager. Then navigate to public_html and then the desired directory. If the issue is with your main website, then you should see the error_log file inside the public_html directory. Download or view that file for more information.

3. Enable verbose error logging if you use a website content management system like Wordpress or Joomla:

4. Check the database username and password are the same as listed in your cPanel account:

5. Try disabling plugins one by one until you find your website loads properly:

*** Please note these website links are provided as-is and we have not checked them for accuracy. Perform a cPanel backup before attempting any repairs. ***

If you feel your website is operating as intended and the issue might be on the server, please open a support ticket and we'd be happy to check.
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